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"Where Fishing Becomes Catching"

 The options are incredible, with an endless walleye population and many that are released over 27.5", it's hard to fish for anything else. Pike seem to be just about everywhere, whether it be while fishing walleye, trolling deep cranks, or casting weedbeds, 40" + pike are more common than ever. Smallmouth Bass are in huge numbers as well, and highly under-fished, many are released over 19". 
Lake Trout are a nice change of pace here, with plentiful action and fish released over 40". 
   If none of this matters to you, and you are the diehard musky hunter, then this will probably be the location of your next big fish. They are strictly catch and release, and in great numbers! Evening guiding is available for musky, and every year these lakes give up some real monsters! Fish over 57" have been released in recent years! 

   The fisheries here are well managed, to ensure that the future of fishing in this area remains as fantastic as it currently is. Each season many anglers release more and more trophy fish, and they are rewarded for doing so, thanks to our local master angler program.
I invite everyone to browse my recent year's pictures, email me with inquiries or questions about fishing this area, and check out new updates on my facebook page. 
   My knowledge of this area is vast, and even though GPS maps are quite detailed these days, they still do not mark every hazard or operate the boat while you fish. This is where I can help. In my years I have carefully plotted my way around, and have the cleanest track record for motor damage in the to none! I will fight every wind and weather condition, while navigating the boat to perfection for the simple reason of keeping you on the fish, and making the most of your time here. My years of experience and passion to fish equals a great day every time!
   If you are interested in hiring my guiding services, or would like information about lodging, boat rentals and meals in this area, please contact me. I will do my best to accommodate everyone. If I am already booked, I will guide you in the direction towards one of my comrades of equal talent- no rookies here! 
   Please go to my LINKS page for a great option to plan your next trip, as well as some of my recommended tackle shops and fishing sites!

  Welcome to my fishing site. I am a multi-species guide that specializes in the eastern waters of Lac Seul, Pelican, Abram, Botsford, Minnitaki and Big Vermilion. This is all part of the massive English River watershed, providing myself and many clients to the most fantastic fishing opportunities possible. All of my expeditions take place from the town of Sioux Lookout, Ontario, where anglers from all over the world can access over 750 000 acres of freshwater. Big water equals big fish! 
   I take pride in guiding my clients to non-stop action and trophy fish for five different freshwater species. Whether you have fished this area before, or are looking to try something new, I am here to make sure that everyone that comes to this part of the world has an incredible experience,  just like I do every day.

​​Lac Seul East and Connecting Waters